Hobo Hotbox Soccer

2D Local-multiplayer Soccer

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Video Highlight

Prominent Features

Random Power-up Spawns

The game has several power-ups, in our game they are flavored after various drugs in a satirical fashion, which spawn and affect the gameplay. The spawns are located at four possible locations, and each location spawns a random power-up from a list on a varied spawn rate. Nothing will replace a power-up until it is collected. Once the power-up is collected, the spawner picks a random time amount to wait until it spawns another power-up chosen at random from the list.

Power-ups and Effects

Separate Customizable Character Controls

One less glamorous feature I worked to implement into the game, was the ability for a player to be able to set up custom controls for how their character is controlled. I had the controls stored in a .ini file that could be customized outside the game as well. The controls are read in and stored as a map/dictionary/hashtable depending on your preferred language. The game can then read the input from the .ini file into the map and write out any changes to the file as well. Although this is an often-overlooked feature, when it is missing in a game, it is typically noticeable right away to players.

Code Repository

Hobo Hotbox Soccer Repo