2D space sidescroller similar to Galaga. Student project made in Unity.

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Prominent Features

Rocket Pickups

For a more powerful weapon, I thought it would be fun to have a collectible power-up that allowed the player to destroy enemy ships in a single attack. Thus, packs of 5 missiles began to float through space. The missiles are spawned at a variable time rate and start at random locations. The missiles provide a significant boost to firepower, but collecting them can sometimes mean having to blast your way through lines of enemy ships where the threat of colliding with one becomes quite substantial.

Random Enemy Spawner

The game features several different alien/enemy spaceships that all start from various heights off screen. To spawn them at a random location that would keep them within the gameplay area, I instantiated them using the edges of a bounding box as clamps for a random range. This lets the ships come in at varying heights and from varying distances. I also made an array of the Enemy ships as objects and used a random integer clamped to the size of the array to spawn varying ships without a clear or decipherable pattern.

Kill Zone

To prevent a slowdown by having numerous ships, pickups, and lasers just continually floating through space after passing the player, there is a kill zone implemented beyond the edge of the screen. This collects any enemy ships or power-ups and destroys the objects. It makes sure that the object is fully beyond the screen before destruction so the player would never be aware of a ship or power-up just disappearing on their screen.

The lasers use a lifetime timer for destruction. Therefore, if any lasers manage to make it off the screen before colliding with an enemy ship, the timer is set to expire and call a destroy function. The timer is long enough that the lasers can make it about a full second off the screen before being culled.

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