James Keeling

Gameplay and AI Developer

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Email: james.f.keeling@gmail.com

Phone: (304)881-8326

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Here is a quick collection of some of the milestone projects I have worked on throughout my college career. The projects are C++ for Unreal Engine and C# for Unity. The game name header links to a page with more details about that particular title. Details pages have a link to the code repo as well. Under each project is a video demonstrating some of the game.

Dragoon - In Development

Made with Unreal Engine 4

Dragoon is a project which I am currently working on as a capstone project. While the name of the repo is Dragoon, the game currently being made with the work is titled Cyberpunk’d and puts the player as a newly created anti-virus inside of a server seeking to regain control of root. The game is a third-person perspective action game focusing on sword combat in a similar vein as Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher, and Dynasty Warriors.

The major mechanics I have implemented into the game is my take on a solution to the kung fu circle (where enemies surround the player but only ever attack one at a time), a directional grid based attack system where the player can choose the direction of their attacks like Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and a prediction system using N-grams to analyze patterns in attacks from history and attempt to predict what the player will do next.


Made with Unity

Blocksplosion is an Android game where a row of blocks is added each round that continuously require more hits to destroy. The player can shoot a string of balls on their chosen path to hit as many blocks as possible and collect the pickups that give them more balls for the next round. The game is a result of an attempt to create a simple working mobile game over Spring Break.

Hobo Hotbox Soccer

Made with Unity

This is a group project made for a class. It is 2D version of something like Rocket League. Not all code in this project is mine, but all code worked on by me is marked with either my name around the functions or listed in the .cs file’s header. For the project, I worked to implement customizable controls for two players on the same computer, the power-up effects of the various drug pickups, making the pause menu, and getting the correct configuration working for the scoreboard and game win condition.


Made with Unity

Bex is a 2D platformer in the veins of Mega Man and Metroid. You take control of an employee running for her life from a warehouse that has been struck by lightning which turned the forklifts and vending machines in the building into murderous robots seeking to eliminate the player. The game has mechanics for shooting, melee attacks, dashing, and being able to use destroyed vending machines as ledges to reach new heights.


Made with Unity

The Viscountess is the first game I made. It is a simple 2D side scrolling, shoot-‘em-up where the player controls a starship called The Viscountess and destroys endless waves of enemy ships until colliding with one. The player can also collect Missiles which are able to destroy ships in one hit. It is reminiscent of Galaga.